Restart your Android in Safe Mode::


 We all know how to use "safe mode" in Computers. Generally we prefer this mode when something goes wrong in PC's. Simillarly we have same  SAFE MODE in our Android phones. When the phone enters into safe mode we can see safe mode on all four corners as that of in PC's.


This SAFE MODE can solve the following probelms in Android phones:: They are::




  1. If the phone freezes or crashes on startup or Restarts randomly we can use this mode to force restart the phone in safe mode and uninstall the recently installed apps which is causing this trouble. In Safe Mode only the pre installed apps are present. But u can go to Settings and can uninstall the recently installed apps.


    2. If ur android phone has become slower  because of Themes and Installed apps. The phone becomes instantly fast in safe mode..



To exit from safe mode simply restart ur device. The device then will open normally...


Project Naptha ::

We all See the Quotes in the Images... We Love it.... Now Copy the Text in the Images easily....

See the Image Below::


  An Ultimate Chrome Extension that enables you to Highlight, copy, edit, and translate text from any image on the web....just as above... Cool....

The Panic Button ::

For Suppose you are browsing for Some Stuff(Highly Private Websites... ) in ur Computer...Suddenly ur Frnd or Mother came in... Jst click on the Panic Button to hide all ur tabs opened and display ur Pre-selected Tabs...


 Ex:: You are chatting with ur Girl Friend on FB and ur Frnd came in... Jst hide the tabs and show him the Pre-Selected Tab as or other...with just one click on Panic Button... Hide ur Secret... Cool...




Dictate the Text ::

Bored of writing long E-mails or Messages ...Cool.... Just talk to this tool and it will convert all ur speech to text... Here it the Dictation Tool


Listen to your Text and Convert it to MP3 ::

Feeling Lazy to study entire document or a webpage.... Cool.... Now just copy ur text and convert to MP3 or Listen Online.... Just Relax and listen to your document... Reduce your stress to eyes... Here is a tool that Converts Text to MP3



A Different Video in Vlc Player 

-> Open VLC Player

-> press Ctrl+N

-> Type in url "Screen://" (Without quotes)

-> Click on play and Enjoy...

Manual C Cleaner ::

We Have C Cleaner to Clean all our Temporary files to improve the Performance....

But the thing is.... Its again a software... so the people who dont wanna install softwares

Here is the Manual Procedure which C Cleaner Does...

open Run-->Cmd--> Temp-->  Delete all the Data by Pressing Shift+Del Key...

open Run-->Cmd-->prefetch--> Delete all the Data by Pressing Shift+Del Key...

open Run-->Cmd-->recent--> Dleete all Data by Pressing Shift+Del Key...


And clear all Browsing Histories to Keep ur Pc Clean


or    Click here to Download C Cleaner


Extra Run Commands For PC





calc - Starts Calculator

excel - Starts Microsoft Excel

explorer - Starts Windows Explorer

firefox - Starts Firefox

if installed iexplore - Internet Explorer

mobsync - Starts Microsoft Synchronization

Tool msimn - Outlook Express

mspaint - Starts Microsoft Paint

notepad - Starts Notepad

outlook - Starts Microsoft Outlook

powerpnt - Starts Microsoft Powerpoint

wab - Starts Windows address book

winchat - Starts Microsoft Chat

winword - Starts Microsoft word

wordpad - Starts Wordpad

Control Panel:

appwiz.cpl - Starts Add or Remove Programmes

control - Starts the Control Panel

control desktop - Opens Display Properties

control folders - Opens Folder Options

control fonts - Opens Fonts

control mouse - Opens Mouse Settings

control netconnections - Opens Network Connections

control schedtasks - Opens Schedules Tasks

control userpasswords - Opens User Accounts

firewall.cpl - Starts Windows Firewall

mmsys.cpl - Starts Sound and Audio Device Properties

netsetup.cpl - Starts Network Setup Wizard

powercfg.cpl - Starts Power Options Properties

sysdm.cpl - Opens Systems Properties

wuaucpl.cpl - Starts Windows Updates


ciadv.msc - Opens Indexing Service

compmgmt.msc - Opens Computer Management

devmgmt.msc - Opens Device Manager

diskmgmt.msc - Opens Disk Management

eventvwr.msc - Opens Event Viewer

fsmgmt.msc - Opens Shared Folder Management

gpedit.msc - Starts Group Policy Editor

ntmsmgr.msc - Opens Removable Storage Management

perfmon.msc - Opens Performance Monitor

secpol.msc - Opens Security Policies

services.msc - Opens Service management Utilities:

chkdsk - Runs Check Disk (Ex: chkdsk C:)

clipbrd - Opens Clipboard Viewer

cmd - Starts a Command Prompt Window

diskpart - Runs Microsoft Disk Partitioning Tool

drwtsn32 - Runs Dr.Watson Debugger

dxdiag - Runs DirectX Diagnostic Tool

eudcedit - Starts Private Character Editor

fsquirt - Runs Bluetooth Transfer Wizard

logoff - Logs Off User from Windows

msconfig - Starts System Configuration Utility

mstsc - Starts Remote Desktop Connection

osk - Starts On Screen Keyboard

packager - Opens Packager

regedit - Starts Registry Editor

shutdown - Runs Windows Shutdown

Command taskmgr - Runs Task Manager

tourstart - Starts Windows Tour

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